Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends! It is hard to believe the day has come and gone and now we are into the Christmas Season. Boy, where does the time go?

This year Thanksgiving was at our home and we had a great time with the Matson side of the family. There was 23 of us here for dinner. We were missing Kirk's family as they live in California and our two missionaries, John (Argentina) and Matt (Arkansas).

The day was one of happiness and sorrow for me. I was happy that Josh was home and back around for the holidays. Sad because it will be another four years before we will have "our" small family together again for the holiday. Jeremy will be leaving in a few months and before he returns home Jason will be out on his mission.

Another sadness filled my heart as this was the first Thanksgiving without my brother. I thought alot about him during the day and especially while we enjoyed some of his favorite foods, namely the fruit coctail (a recipe that my great grandma used to make). I thought alot of what we were doing one year ago at Thanksgiving. We were still mourning the loss of my Grandma and Grandpa Killian and Brian was struggling with pain as he sat and ate his meal. I was hoping that Brian would still be here this year to enjoy another Thanksgiving....I was wrong.

The year has been a hard one to say the least, but as I sat at the table, I reflected on my many blessings, a couple of them are...I am thankful that the gospel gives me hope that my loved ones are okay on the other side of the veil, that they are watching over us and still a huge part of our lives. I am also thankful for the love of family and friends and the strength that we gain from one another as we all "endure to the end."

We hope your day was filled with love and your tummies were full of food as you celebrated all that you have been blessed with. Here are some pictures from our day.......

This is Abbie, our niece. She came dressed for the occasion. How cute!

This was our Thanksgiving table. All 23 of us gathered around it.

If you know me at all, you know that I am a "detail" person. Here are some pictures of my "personality" coming out. I was hoping for a beautiful table, I think we got it. Thanks to Holli and her talents on the centerpiece!

The table setting, yes, I even learned how to fold napkins!

This was our name place cards. I tried for over three hours to figure out how to make that end turn up on those stupid cones and it still didn't happen. I was giving up, but thanks to Julie and Martha Stewart, we figured it out. They are incredibly easy....now I can say that!

The whole Matson clan ready to eat!!

Josh waiting his turn at the buffet table. I think he was just taking it all in. He was thankful that he wasn't eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as he was on Thanksgiving two years ago.
Brenda and little Tanner. (Sorry some of these are a little dark, my flash was not working.)

Jennifer and Tyler and Abbie.
Jason and Devin.

Dinner is over and Jason pulled out Rock Band and the whole family joined in. This is Josh helping Abbie with the words.

The real drummer in Jason comes out.

Richard is giving tips to Katie.

Josh and Garry playing the guitars.

Scott, Jenn and Devin all try their voice at singing.

Jeremy at the drums with Josh, Brenda and Tanner looking on.

Steve, Garry and Richard all watch as Ben and Jason are rocking out.

Now it's Ben and Katie's turn. Debbie and Brenda are catching that Kodak moment.

Grandma and Grandpa are just trying to figure out the whole thing.

Ryan gets away from all the noise and watches a movie in the bedroom.

The little ones, Tanner and Tyler, take a break from wrestling!

Jeremy and Abbie looking at the Black Friday ads....find anything worth getting up at 3 AM?

Oh, I am exhausted.....Scott and Jenn did get up at 3 AM!

Steve and Jeremy are still going strong...playing a game of football!

We had a great couple of days full of food and games, food and movies and food and fun!


Go Mighty Cougars!!!

BYU home football season is over and the boys had a great time at all the games! A BIG thanks to Grandpa Matson for the tickets!! They went with their grandpa, uncles, cousins and friends and had so much fun! This was Josh's first season back and Jeremy's last season for a couple of years.

Getting ready for the big game. Josh pulls out his old face paints and begins the "painting" process.

Now it is Josh's turn.

Jeremy, Brendon Belnap and Tayva Simpson are all ready for the homecoming game kickoff.

Josh and Jesse Barge. Jesse is from Calgary, Canada, and this was his first BYU game experience....hope he had ear plugs!

Looks like Jesse has caught the fever too!

A tradition....
Pizza before the game. Josh and Grandpa enjoying the pepperoni.

Jeremy with Uncle Steve and cousins Spencer and Connor.

Jesse and Josh at the tailgate party.

True Blue through and through!