A New Member of the Family......

The long anticipated arrival of the new baby calf finally came....in the daylight I might add... YEA! After church on Sunday, March 15th, Jeremy said it was going to happen today! So he and I waited for about four hours for the birth. Kelly Wright and Jeremy had to help deliver the little one and Jeremy was a trooper! Jeremy had a dream a couple of weeks ago that the calf would be a red angus and a bull....he woke up pretty mad!
So, we were really wondering what this new little one would be.....

As you can tell, it is a BLACK angus.....but not a heffer. It is a cute little (BIG) bull calf! It was so fun to be there...a new experience for me! I was glad that I could share that with Jeremy and the Wright family. Thanks for your help!

Jeremy trying to help the new little one get on his feet.

Helping him get steady.

Mamma and the new baby!

It is amazing that they know just what to do after just arriving!
It was such a celebrated event that Grandma and Grandpa Matson, Uncle Scott, Aunt Brenda and Cousin Tanner came to see the little one....not even up on his feet yet!
Debbie Wright made brownies and had ice cream. We ate it right there in the barn!
So much fun! Congrats to Jeremy!

Fun and a Heartbreak in Boise

We spent the first weekend in March in Boise for the State Boys Basketball Tournament. Poky's team ended up winning the District Championship and earned their spot in the braket. Thursday night we played Hillcrest and won by three points. Friday we played Sandpoint and won by eight. Saturday we were in the championship game and were to play the undefeated team of Skyview from Nampa. I told everyone that the game would be a complete blowout or a really good game. It ended up being a very, very good game and unfortunately ended in a total heartbreak for the boys and the Poky fans. We hit a buzzer beater and ended up in overtime! Then we lost by one at the very end 59-58. It was a great game and the boys played their hearts out! So exciting! We have never gone to the tournament before and it was so much fun! We took our nephew Devin with us and the Rhoades family came for Friday and Saturday's games! What a lot of energy during the whole three days! Here are some pictures from the championship game at the Idaho Center in Nampa.

This one is of the boys warming up before the BIG game! There sure were a lot of people there...including the whole town of Nampa!

Jason waiting for a dead ball to get into the game.

Jason playing his heart out!

Jason receiving his medal after the game.

Jason with the Runner-Up Trophey and his biggest fan, Jeremy, at his side!

Jason with Ryan Pearson #11 (and his third cousin) and Joshua Pollard #25.

The team and the trophey....they are trying to smile among all the tears.
They were so much fun to watch! Great Job to the Poky Indians!!