An Engagement....

Valentine's Day....a day full of surprises!

Since everyone wants to know the details....here goes, but first off, we are very proud of Josh for putting so much thought into this proposal....it was very special and romantic and Erin will never forget it.

On Friday, Josh gave Erin a single rose at work then on Saturday morning, Erin's roommates cooperated with Josh and he fixed Erin breakfast at her apartment. Along with breakfast came a new journal, Time Out for Women Devotional quotes, and ten more roses. That makes 11, but what about the 12th...you will find out later.

Josh and Erin then met us in Salt Lake. We went with them, Grandma and Grandpa Denkers, and, of course, Jeremy to buy his mission suits and shoes at Mr. Mac.

Then we all went out to dinner to Applebees.

Towards evening, we headed to Temple Square. This was all part of the plan, but to confuse Erin we said that Jeremy wanted to go there.

While we were outside of the North Visitor's Center, one of the Sister Missionaries headed over to Erin and gave her a book with the long awaited 12th Rose. There was a card on the book, which was actually a photo album, that read "Erin, Happy Valentine's Day." She untied the photo album and then they sat down and began to read the book and look at the pictures.

On each page, there was a picture of the two of them and then Josh wrote on each page... "Day One, I fell in love with Erin....." and he told a reason why he loved her. This continued up until Day 31, which read, "February 14th, Valentine's Day. Our first Valentine's Day together and the day I asked her to be my wife." There was no picture on this page but on the opposite page was a picture of the Salt Lake Temple.

When she got to that page, Josh dropped to one knee and gave her the ring. She was very surprised. Way to go Josh...all your planning came together!

We are very excited to have Erin join our family. She is a sweetheart and we think she is just awesome! Josh and Erin are perfect together and make a very cute couple! They are calling the temple today and want to make plans for a June 12th Wedding....we'll keep you posted.