A Visitor

Yesterday Mark was working in the yard repairing sprinkler heads and he heard a strange noise on the fence. There was a bird on the fence and so he though that we had a cat in the backyard. Mark looked over the fence and then this "thing" ran into the backyard. He ran under the gas grill. Mark knocked on the windows to get my attention and I looked outside and saw this "thing." We couldn't figure out what it was. I said it was a gopher, Mark told me that gophers don't get that big, but I said he had long teeth like a gopher! I could see them very well!!
I called animal control and they asked me if it had a tail, I said yes, so they said it was a muscrat and they were nasty to stay away from it....so I had been face level with this thing and now she tells me to stay away from it. Mark stays in the backyard to keep it from running away.

When animal control showed up, they said it was a rock chuck. Where in the world did he come from? They tried to catch him under the gas grill, but he ran around the side of the house and fell into the window well.
Here they caught him at the end of their stick and are bringing him up. It was a pretty big thing.

They caught him and were taking him over to the greenbelt and then going to release him. You can't see the size of his teeth because the cage is in the way, but they were huge! A little bit of excitement for the day!

Wedding Shower

With the wedding only four weeks away, parties have begun! Erin's aunt and best friend hosted a shower in Rupert for their family and friends. Another one will be held in Utah on the 30th. First off, Erin had to describe Josh as we all drew a picture of him.

Erin looking through the pictures to find the two that look most like Josh.

This must have been a good one! I was one of the winners...I think because Erin said Josh was a huge Red Sox fan and so I drew a baseball cap on him. He always wears one, but not everyone knew that. I know I didn't win because of my artistic ability!

It was an Alphabet Shower. Everyone was assigned a letter of the alphabet and we had to find a gift that began with that letter. It was so fun to see what people came up with, very creative! One of the biggest laughs was when Erin came to H. "H" is for a hamper (from Aunt Brenda) and inside Ho-Hos and Handcuffs (from Uncle Scott with a note not to use them while driving!!!) A huge joke....ask someone for the whole story!

"J" was for things used in July, a cooler, flag, red, white and blue table cloth and dishes, tons of Jello and J candies. Josh was so excited to see all the Jello inside....he loves it!

This one was "L"...a laundry basket and laundry soap, but what could be inside the bag? Any guesses......Lingerie. You can't have a bridal shower without that gift showing up! Good thing her mom had "L."

Half of the loot. They got some very nice things to start decorating their home. Erin can move in on Thursday...so she will have a few things to put away. Thanks to everyone who came...we had a great time driving to Rupert together!