Pictures....What would we do without them!

Our boys at the Jazz Playoff Game..they had a ton of fun!
Aren't they soooo CUTE!  I love this picture!!

Mark and I at the "Day of the Dank"
Every year on the anniversary of my brother's death,
Rita and his friends put together a golf tournament.  It was a lot of fun!

Jeremy, Mark and Jason
Holding University of Utah golf balls.  They would only do this
for their Uncle Brian!

Jeremy and Jason ready to tee off!

Erin and Josh showed up and joined the party!

The Ladies....
Erin, Dixie (Mom), Sherri and Nancy (Sister)

The BIG WHITE ENVELOPE is in the mail!
Where will I be spending the next two years?

Dear Elder Matson,
You are called to serve as a missionary in the
Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission
October 27, 2010
Jaime (Erin's sister), Erin and Josh
Marathon Runners
26.2 Miles
Over the finish line....hand in hand!

Coming into the mall parking lot....
"Where is the FINISH line? My legs are killing me!"
I could never do this...Way to go!
I am a High School Graduate!!
Jason tossing his cap into the air!
Class of 2010....He's outta there!!
Our Family!
Erin, Josh, Mark, Jason, Sherri and Jeremy
Love them All!

The beautiful casket flowers at Glenis' funeral.
We love her and miss her so much!

Scott, Brenda, Kirk, Shemay, Steve, Jennifer, Garry, Sherri, Mark, Debbie and Richard
Mark's Family at the Rockland Cemetery.
The sun came out for the dedication of the grave, just as if
Glenis was smiling on the day and letting us know she is okay.
Jeremy's cow had twins on February 5th...a heifer and a bull!
I watched it all....couldn't believe my eyes when she had the second one!!
Everyone left after the first calf was born.....good thing Mother Nature knows
what to do because I had NO CLUE!!

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Katie said...

Love the pictures. You guys definitely have had an eventful year already. And more to come. :)