An Independence Day to Remember!

On July 4, 2009, we had Mark's family over for a BBQ and is looking like a gorgeous day. After we finished eating and commenting how good our garden looked, these storm clouds came in over the horizon....

It began to lightening, thunder and rain....then it began to hail!

Take a look at the hail accumulated on our neighbors house. It hailed for a good 30 minutes!

The hail beginning to accumulate on the lawn.
After the storm stopped, we went outside to see what damage was left behind. The storm drains were slow taking in all the water. This is what it looked like out front.
Cars driving through the water were fun to watch!

The water from lawn-to-lawn across the street.

Boy is that COLD!

The hail knocked down leaves that were on our front tree. The hail filled the rain gutters and piled up all around the house. Many people in the neighborhood have to replace their roofs and had water damage in their basements. Jason and Mark went around the neighborhood and used ice cream buckets to bail water out of window wells. Mark finally came in around 1 am.

Mark with a handful of hail! Never seen anything like that before in our lives! It was quite the storm.....our lovely garden.....destroyed!

Jason having fun on a scooter....yep....it is COLD!

Well here is proof that the earth will not flood (totally)....
even a double rainbow!


Kristi said...

CRAZY!!! Hopefully we won't have another 'memorable" 4th anytime soon...but it DID sure make for some amazing stories. If it just hadn't been for the tragedy that some people were flooded and damage to their things...it would have been an awesome phenomenon to witness...breathtaking!! But it came with the helpless feeling of sadness for our friends and neighbors that were affected!

Cyndee Bodily said...

Oh my - snow... that is not so fun in July!
I just looked over the wedding pictures too... they are so neat! They look happy! Redge claims he knows of her family. Remember Rupert is his old stompin ground... Thanks for posting the pictures... makes me feel like we are part of the fun!