A Little "Pit Stop"

Last Thursday our missionary, Starsi Matson, returned home for a little "pit stop." He has been having problems with his previous surgery and so the mission president sent him home to take care of it. We are hoping we can find the answer to his problems and get him feeling better quickly! He is still a missionary and we are hoping that he will be able to return to the Czech Republic very soon.
It was certainly wonderful to see him again, although he is very disappointed in the turn of events. We have missed him and his laugh and smile. He has lost probably 25 pounds and he looked so pale! We enjoyed the hug...it was wonderful! Keep praying for him!

At least we get a family picture!


Melissa Fisher said...

I hope he gets feeling better soon! Cute family picture too!

Cyndee Bodily said...

Is everything okay? Tell Jeremy we are thinking about him!

Kristi said...

Sorry to hear of all of Jeremy's troubles. I know that Heavenly Father will bless him and things will work out for the best, even though it may not be what WE think is best, it WILL work out...keep the faith, love him, and roll with the punches (Mom) We love you all!